December 2006

Service Design Wiki

December 06, 2006

Come get involved in the service design wikis out there and shape the conversation around Service Design. One is on Wikipedia and the other is an independent wiki in a Service Design community.

Redefining Customers in CRM

December 03, 2006

Doc Searls is holding an Internet Identity Workshop Dec 4-6 to discuss how to build a vendor-customer relationship system that takes care of the customer.

I am not able to attend but I suggest checking out the site's wiki to see what comes from this conference. Building new toolsets that will change the role of the customer and vendor could change the way the service industry works and what concerns all customer service tasks are oriented to.

Interesting questions to consider in these conversations are what is customer? How do companies using CRM understand customers and what kind of customer-vendor relationship does this understanding bring? And how can techonology be used as a tool to bring about a new understanding of customers?

An Open Source Journalism Experiment

Jay Rosen, an Associate Professor of Journalism of NYU, spoke recently at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society about his new project, is an experiment about how to build the community, roles, and practices of Open Source Journalism. How do you build this "game"? What are the rules? How can the players win?

I am exploring two categories of Rosen's questions: the players' concerns, and commitment.

  1. Rosen has questions about the division of labor for all the different people coming into Open Source Journalism who have different concerns. How do we understand the concerns (what they call motivations) of the different players: professional journalists, freelancers, amateurs for no pay, people trying to become journalists and make a name for themselves?

  2. Rosen talks about building some sort of hierarchial structure in this collective in which there will be editors who set deadlines. And the deadlines are part of the incentive to keep writers going. He discusses how certain writers will be preferred based on their commitment to the deadlines and their know-how to write good stories. He mentions tracking the commitments of the reporters as a possible step forward. He also opens up the question of how to track the assertions of the stories: How do you rate the data that people use? How do you build a structure to fact-check

All of this is new and Rosen says his goal of this experiment is to see what new knowledge can come from it. What can we learn? As he opened these questions, I would like to do the same here. How do we understand what is happening at and how can we collectively move here to produce an interesting and valuable collective?