Reflections on Rugby

March 12, 2007

I played rubgy from age 9 to 21 and I regret stopping playing. One of things that I am most grateful for about my experience in rugby, beyond having made wonderful friends and having had wonderful coaches, are getting some of the basic ethics of playing that game.

For example, when you play rugby, you can never leave another member of the team unprotected or alone. You know that if you do not work very closely together, you give too many chances to the other team and expose yourself to some difficulty. The second thing I learned was that the moment when things get tough, and you are exhausted, is the very moment where you need to put all your energy into play, because those are the moments that make the difference. Third, sometimes during the game, the style becomes overly aggressive. When that happens, you need to be careful because bad injuries can happen in those moments. So teams need to learn how to collaborate in very competitive environments with some basic ethic not to kill each other.

I wonder how much of those values are part of my professional and personal life.


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