April 2009

comfortably numb

April 25, 2009

If it is too complicated you are missing something. So, start again...break through numbness and feel the discomfort of some disorientation and anxiety...first step for valuable innovations...if you already have enough experience and commitment in that world.


On the dunes close to the ocean threre was a gentle wind , warm...en el Alicia que se opone al Popocatepetl uno detenido muy cargado...en la noche del desierto de Tarapaca uno levisimo, extremadamente leve, uno que no cargaba nada y se lo llevaba todo...hasta los pensamientos...in Los Cuernos del Paine and its cousin Mount Shasta I tried the coldest and wildest...no, the coldest was Michigan Lake...en Machupichu un flujo lento como una boa que lo abrazaba todo...un ir y venir y nada de comienzo a end

Sullivan and emerging languages

April 21, 2009

The Bay Area dubliner David Sullivan sent me this. He claims that the internet and the new forms of commons rigths are driving the emergence of subtle languages. What do u think?

Searle's 50 years at Berkeley

April 14, 2009

A celebration. A conversation. New questions.

Open Innovation at InnoCentive

April 13, 2009

InnoCentive is a very interesting innitiative. A kind of crowdsourcing to deal with challenging situations along innovation procesess. I havent seen the "Open" part to the story yet. It seems to work mostly with a private IP modality.