Theology at the University of Edinburgh: angels, chlorofluorocarbon, anthropocene and grace

April 12, 2013

Here. Seated in a standard square wood chair designed for the average posadera to endure 90 minutes of lecture. It was February 18th at 5:25 pm in the University of Edinburgh historical St Cecilia's Hall, regarded as a symbol of cultural life of the Scottish enlightenment. The surrounding neighborhood of Cowgate is a buoyant rapid of tradition and emergence over cold, hard, dark stone. The one time students den Bannerman Bar (sweet beer and colossal hamburgers) confronting both, the “mathematicians only cave”  at the opposite corner, and the St. Cecilia’s Hall. It is a very alive corner over the Fringe Festival. There is something beautiful about Latour, he always seems to be holding back a smile or even a deep laugh. Thinking, anthropology or existence seem to be a fun, unpredictable, creative game with him. More a Merlin than an academic. Blending his discourse with architecture, theatrical dance, music, science and politics and alway keeping the joyful drama alive. Un-leashing the modern mind from their heavy assumptions on any sort of transcendence, essence, or fundamental ontology... but historical power. Yes, the wizard claims, in our worldly experience reason is undistinguishable from power... and of course, power is a special verb, a networked verb embroiled with a peculiar assemblage of humans and non-humans. Uufff... how much work just to live life in wonder!! But it is simple! and he laughed looking at me... agency is just anything that transforms, anything that triggers a change... keep it simple!... the rest is just stylistic, I give a voice to non-human because I found it illuminating. Beautiful. And do not forget, at every step everything gets distributed between humans, non-humans and goddesses in a perpetual flow.


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